Gutsy Kahaluu Beach Design

Kahalu’u Seaside Park is a shallow cove simply south of Kailua-Kona on the west aspect of the Big Island of Hawaii. Kahaluu Seaside Park is a tiny sheltered cove on the west facet of the Massive Island right in the city of Kailua Kona. It’s considered one of solely a handful of seashores in Hawaii with such a large tame fish inhabitants. Kahaluu Seashore just isn’t a marine preserve, yet for having no fishing limitations, it rivals and sometimes surpasses the quantity of fish you will see at a dedicated marine sanctuary.

One of many causes for Kahaluu’s considerable fish inhabitants is most of cove is less than neck deep. The deepest spot barely exceeds 10 toes even at high tide. The shallow water permits sunlight to penetrate all the way in which to the underside rising lots of healthy coral. The coral, in turn, houses and feeds all the cove’s marine life. The underside of the cove is made up of a base layer of lava rock and coral with scattered patches of sand.

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Turtles are a protected marine species in Hawaii so bear in mind to keep your distance while having fun with these lovely creatures. A relaxed beach, warm sun, a number of seaweed to eat… I suppose to them, Kahaluu Seashore is kind of like turtle heaven.

The cove is almost fully surrounded by a partially submerged rock wall that retains the larger waves out while still permitting the gentler ocean currents to circulation in freely. These fresh currents carry life bringing nutrients, feeding and multiplying the marine life.

Whereas sleeping on shore, their shells tend to have the colour of the encircling lava rock so maintain your eyes open. Because of their shell coloration and since they lie so still, I have truly seen people almost trip over sleeping turtles.

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Here is some of the different marine life I’ve seen at Kahaluu Seaside snorkeling: Butterfly fish, parrot fish, damsel fish, surgeon fish, moorish idol, tang, wrasse, field fish, cardinal fish, squirrel fish, soldier fish, large eyes, perch, chub, set off fish, the former Hawaii State Fish humuhumunukunukuapuaa, goat fish, porcupine fish, peacock bass, hawk fish, jacks, needle fish, eels, crustaceans, and invertebrates.

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