The Most Peaceful Hidden Beach Puerto Vallarta Review

Protected from the intrusion of the world outside, the hidden beach of Marieta Islands, Puerto Vallarta is a world of its own. Located just some miles off the coast of Mexico, close to Bandera bay, Marieta Islands are archipelagos that were formed on account of volcanic exercise. The islands have remained almost secluded ever since. It was only not too long ago that recreational side of the place was found following development of an especially exclusive marine ecosystem that makes this place just as distinctive as thrilling.

Marietas Islands National Park … The place not too long ago declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO MAB, protecting forty four species of flora and fauna found in different threat classes. Sanctuaries for reproduction, feeding and resting of some migratory seabirds like the blue-footed booby birds.

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The marine surroundings of hidden seaside Marieta Island, Puerta Vallarta has developed over a number of years, sans any disturbance from humans or exterior nature. Because of this, the marine life right here is intriguing and holds a huge potential for people who love simply this type of sport. Marieta Islands are the most effective sports activities for snorkeling and scuba diving owing to the virgin nature of the place, together with its range.

Sure you can take a panga there that has a particular licence to approach the Marieta Islands, but no, they aren’t allowed to depart folks on their own there as that is the solely place on the Islands you might be allowed to set foot. They have to at the least anticipate you in the water, watching you.

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