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Previous to the arrival of Europeans on what’s now Amelia Island, the location of the unique town of Fernandina was occupied by Native Americans. 7 Native American bands associated with the Timucuan mound-constructing culture had settled on the island about A.D. one thousand, calling it Napoyca. They remained on the island until the early 18th century, when European settlement began there.

French Huguenot explorer Jean Ribault turned the first recorded European customer to Napoyca in 1562, which he named Isle de Mai In 1565, Spanish forces led by Pedro Menéndez de Avilés drove the French from northeastern Florida, killing Ribault and approximately 350 other French colonists. In 1573, Spanish Franciscans established the Santa Maria mission on the island, which they referred to as Isla de Santa Maria. The mission was abandoned in 1680 after the inhabitants refused a Spanish order to relocate. British raids forced the relocation of the Santa Catalina de Guale mission on Georgia’s St. Catherines Island , to the abandoned Santa Maria mission on the island in 1685. In 1702, this mission was once more deserted when South Carolina’s colonial governor, James Moore , led a joint British-Indian invasion of Florida.

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Common progress with excessive test scores means students have robust academic expertise and college students in this college are studying at the same price as similar students in different faculties. Students at this college are making average academic progress given where they had been final yr, compared to similar students in the state.

I’ve made incredible relationships with the students and faculty here at Fernandina. The only thing I’d change is that for one I wish it was a much larger college and two that it was an inside college. Instead we now have all outdoors buildings with only a single hallway.

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